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Atlanta native, DJ J Free, is Atl’s well best kept secret DJ until now. He is known for spinning the hottest tunes on radio and underground. He has been on lots of mix shows on Hot 107.9 fm and Blazing 923 fm He has played be in some of the hottest clubs in the “A” such as, the old club 112, South Beach, Taboo 2, Club Q, Esso, and Café Red Train, where the streets named him the King of Marietta. Now you can find him at Taboo 2 and Pearl Bistro & Bar.   DJs that have influenced J Free are Emperor Searcy, DJ Mars, Kid Capri, DJ Doc, Triple J, Frank Ski, and DJ Nabs. They are he all rolled into one with his personal touch added on. He learned from the best of the best and if you ever seen them rock a party; you can imagine how he plays. The only reason Kid Capri is the only New York DJ is because he came to Atlanta a lot to play. Searcy was the first to show him love in the club and on radio. He always wanted to see not just J Free but all good DJs come up and for that he thanks him.   The future holds a lot for DJ J Free as he is now working with the hottest independent group in Georgia, PPC. He has several mix tapes out in the streets. He is also thrown his hat in the ring as a club promoter and started his new venture as a music consultant to record labels.     For Booking e-mail: Twitter: @djjfree Instagram: @djjfree3

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    June 10, 2013 4:53 amPosted 6 years ago

    hot tracks


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