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Every now and again, the celestrial elements of music gives birth to the life of a "Supreme" DJ -a King of turntablism. Take the swagger of Damien Marley, the musical creativity & integrity of DJ Red Alert, add the fire and energy of Busta Rhymes and -Behold- I give you The Grand Emperial DJ King Majestik!!! DJ Majestik's roots and foundation can be traced back to the early days of hip hop in the Bronx, NY, where his family owned the club that played host to the pioneering DJ Hollywood. DJ Majestik recalls sneaking to watch Hollywood and staring out his apartment window into the park where the legendary DJ's Grandmaster Flash and Grand Wizard Theodore gave birth to hop hop! Beyond his radio & club appearences, DJ Majestik continues to exhibit growth in his DJ skills by working with local and major artists (including Professor Griff, the 7th Octave band, Ray Lavender Konvict Muzik and, The Outlaws), opening concerts, hosting parties and making mix tapes (The underground Railroad for the hip-hop joints and Mellow Madness for R&B). For DJ Majestik, the formula for his success comes easy. "If you can be involved in something that you love," he says, "you give it your all." Now you can see and hear this Hip Hop elemental perform in physical form at "Fantastik Fridays" every other Friday from 11pm-3am at The MJQ Concourse in Atlanta, Ga-paying homage to the creativity and sounds of Hip Hop's past, cutting and scratchin' the way the legends used to do it.

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    June 12, 2013 9:08 pmPosted 6 years ago
    dj majestik

    yours truly the grand emperial would like to welcome you to my versions of feel good music. so sit back relax & get lost in the emperial vibes of dj majestik aka skenny kravitz thanks for all your support


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